About Us

John Bailey was the founder of Bailey Enterprises, now known as Color-Flex. He invented our patented flexible distance markers in 1990 to help speed up play and reduce mowing times. He was a civil engineer working for the Corp of Army Engineering and then later the United States Air Force. When he retired from civil engineering in 1972, he became an avid golfer who, quickly, grew frustrated searching for the yardage markers in the golf course.

Being an engineer does not stop when you retire. He was a problem solver by nature, and he came up with the idea of a flexible marker that would be both maintenance and golfer friendly. After many years of prototypes, trials and errors, our star-shaped marker was born.

The business was handed over to John’s daughter, Becky, and her husband, Charlie, in 2001 when John was 86 years young. They kept improving the marker and keeping John’s dream alive. Sadly, John passed in November 2011, but his legacy remains.

These amazing markers have become one of the best selling products around the world. They are being used on some of the most prestigious golf courses globally. Color-Flex is proudly manufactured locally, with all products coming from North American suppliers. We are proud of this amazing line of products and hope to continue to improve it and keep John’s memory and dream alive. We hope you love them as much as we do!



  • Local

    Color-Flex is proudly manufactured locally with all products coming from North American suppliers.

  • Innovative

    Color-Flex is a one of a kind product that has set the bar for flexible fairway markers globally.

  • Eco-Friendly

    We manufacture locally, which means less emissions and more sustainable products. We also offer replacement markers, cutting down on waste.