Service Area:

Family owned and operated by: Becky and Charlie Wulzer

Proudly made in America

Proudly made in America

Rebecca and Charlie Wulzer

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday,
7 a.m. - 5 p.m.



Color-Flex Inc.








Color-Flex distance/yardage markers have the ability to be run over by fairway mowers from any direction, saving your maintenance crews time. Not having to remove the yardage markers each time your fairways are cut reduce' s the amount of time required to cut fairways.

Our mow over feature is mower-friendly, resulting in little if no wear on your mower blade .

Our mow over feature is maintenance-friendly because there is no need to start/stop equipment or blades while cutting, thus reducing wear and tear on engines or gears.

Color-Flex markers have the ability to withstand snow, rain, and heat. This durability means your Golf Course will not have to replace the markers based on the seasons.

Installation of a 18 hole course can be completed in an hour or less with a battery operated drill, 1 1/4 ship auger bit and a  mallet.