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Family owned and operated by: Becky and Charlie Wulzer

Proudly made in America

Proudly made in America

Rebecca and Charlie Wulzer

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Monday - Friday,
7 a.m. - 5 p.m.



Color-Flex Inc.







Flexible Golf Distance/Yardage Markers

 With mow over capability

Color-Flex Distance Markers are the ONLY flexible markers that can withstand Cross cut or Diagonal mowing in ANY direction by your fairway mowers. (excluding rotary) 

  • Our markers are highly visible yet unobtrusive.
  • Easy installation
  • Highly resilient permanent colored flexible material
  • Resistant to extreme temperature changes
  • Six month warranty
  • Installation can be easily and quickly completed with a drill, 1 1/4  ship auger bit, mallet, and a piece of PVC pipe. (See our installation page)
  • You determine your cost based on the number of markers you wish to order.  Our markers can be used in the center of the fairway or along both sides of the fairway.

Color Coded
Each set comes color coded for the four ranges:

Blue - 200 yard
White -150 yard
Red - 100 yard
Yellow  - 50 yard

In support of First Tee we also have Green and Orange.

Flexible Golf Distance/Yardage Markers, Pensacola, FL

Flexible Golf Distance/Yardage Markers, Pensacola, FL